Unravelling Stent featured in national television


During January and February 2014, the progress of the pre-clinical study on the Unravelling Stent was covered by Norwegian national TV, NRK.  The study was presented in the science show Schrödinger’s Cat, where cutting edge scientific results are presented in a popular manner.

The show is widely popular in Norway, with a large audience each program.To watch the show, please start the video posted below:

In the program, CEO Erney Mattsson demonstrates the principle behind the Unravelling Stent, and the viewers can see how the stent is finally removed from one of the sheep participating in the study. GraftCraft is very thankful for the interest from NRK and now look forward to the final results from our study!

For more information, please contact Project Manager Emma Wejedal: emma@graftcraft.com, +46 (0) 737 – 86 26 24

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