ErneyGraft receives positive results from USPTO and EPO

ErneyGraftOn the 10th of March 2014, the ErneyGraft was granted a US patent by USPTO, application no. 12/457 664. This means that the product is deemed to be inventive, unique and have considerable utility, and gives GraftCraft AB sole right to put it on the American market.

The ErneyGraft patent has also passed the time limit within which notice of opposition may be filed in Europe. This means that no complaints against the patent application have been filed within the nine month period designated, and that the patent (no 2442751) can only be opposed in national prosecution.

– These are two important steps for the commercialization process of the ErneyGraft, says CEO Erney Mattsson.

The ErneyGraft gives an acute treatment to aortic aneurysms, a deadly condition if left untreated.  ErneyGraft consists of an expandable balloon that guarantees blood flow to vital organs and hinders acute blood loss. ErneyGraft delays the final repair, giving more time to optimize the treatment of the patient.

Read more about the ErneyGraft here, or contact CEO Erney Mattsson for further information:

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