GraftCraft gains interest from EU Parliament candidate

adaktussonDuring a visit at Textile Fashion Center in Borås, EU Parliament candidate Lars Adaktusson (kd) was introduced to the products of GraftCraft by CEO Erney Mattsson.

Adaktusson is the top candidate on the Swedish conservative party Kristdemokraterna’s list to the European Parliament. His political ambition is to bring EU closer to the citizens, and to strengthen research and entrepreneurship in Europe.

With this ambition, Adaktusson and his election campaign group visited the Textile University in Borås, where  GraftCraft’s CEO Erney Mattsson demonstrated the Unravelling Stent.

– In the medtech industry, international presence is crucial, says Erney Mattsson. Therefore, European politics and the strategies developed in the EU Parliament is of utmost importance for a startup like GraftCraft. We need international research collaborations and a solid distributor network to reach the market, hence we are very happy to have been able to meet and talk to mr. Adaktusson.

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