NRK radio interview with professor and inventor Erney Mattsson



Professor and inventor Erney Mattsson was interviewed by the NRK radio show «Norgesglasset» 12/12 2016. In the interview Erney Mattsson tells about the origin of the idea of making the Unravelling stent and released a national competition on the name of the product. The final selection was “Knittaway”.

NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company, and the largest media organization in Norway.



Listen to the NRK radio interview here. In Norwegian only.


00:00-02:48 Strikkastent (Del 1)
02:48-08:26 Strikkastent (Del 2)
08:26-12:30 Navneforslag til stent (Del 1)
12:30-17:21 Navneforslag til stent (Del 2)

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