Unravelling stent in airways renders a lot of media interest. Watch video!

The publication in a renowned journal and good preclinical results with stents in the airways have rendered a lot of media interest.

Watch the video with English subtitles.



Newspapers and online newspapers in Norway have covered the Unravelling stent in airways.

Rekker opp utstyret når operasjonen er ferdig. Gemini is research news from NTNU and Sintef written for the general public about technology, energy and environment, science, fish and aquaculture, innovation, health, the social sciences and humanities.

En strikket raggsokk bidro til nytt medisinsk hjelpemiddel. Forskning.no is a online newspaper with national and international research news.

Adresseavisen (commonly known as Adressa) is a regional newspaper  in Trondheim, Norway.  Ny oppfinnelse kan spare kreftpasienter for åpen kirurgi


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