Company history

Company history

Erney Mattsson and Torbjörn LundhGraftCraft AB was founded in 2007, as a result of the research performed in collaboration between Erney Mattsson and Torbjörn Lundh. The aim has always been to use expertise, skills and curiosity to find new treatments for vascular diseases. Originating as research collaboration, GraftCraft grew, hired project managers and branched out to two companies: GraftCraft AB and PressCise AB.

After initially being located at Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg, GraftCraft moved to the Borås Incubator and are today located at Textile Fashion Center in the central Borås, a city with textile technology in its backbone. Here, we have our head quarters and the business development.

GraftCraft has been recognized widely both nationally and internationally. This includes global business journals and venture capitalists.  Most major global companies within the areas of interest are well aware of the existence of GraftCraft and some of them are eager to get continuous up-dates of the progress.

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