GraftCraft presented at Anglo-Nordic Life Science Conference

The Anglo-Nordic Life Science Conference is an annual event arranged in London, UK, where selected companies and venture capitalists are invited to meet and present during a couple of days. GraftCraft were happy to be invited, and participated on the conference the 22nd-23rd of April. GraftCraft were also interviewed by PharmaTV (see picture).

Unravelling Stent featured at House of Sweden in Washington D.C.

House of Sweden is an establishment in Washington D.C., USA aiming to show the culture, industry and opportunities in Sweden. Currently, the Exhibition Hall displays “Earth & Space 2015”, where subjects such as space technology and the resources of earth are covered. The Unravelling Stent is featured as an example of how traditional materials from earth such as metal can be used with novel production techniques as knitting to create a unique medical device.